Karen has a new hobby--making terrariums--which means Pika Prints is now more than just homemade cards. We proudly announce our 2013 terrarium collection. While unfortunately we can't sell these on our Etsy site, we are able to sell locally to anyone willing to travel to southern NH!

Disclaimer: The red lantern is not for sale. (Doesn't it make a great photo, though?)


Pika Prints Moves East

This summer, Pika Prints packed up in a green Subaru station wagon and drove east from Seattle, returning to New England and settling down in the seacoast area of New Hampshire.

We brought a box of cards across the country and still have some to sell-- we just re-posted them on our Etsy site.

We are excited to be back in the land of four seasons--summer swimming, fall foliage, icy skiing, and mud season. 

Next stop: Updating our tags to read "created in Dover, NH."


Pika Prints on The Loud & Clear

Pika Prints has a guest post on The Loud and Clear today. Check it out for a behind-the-scenes look at the (micro) staff here at Pika Prints headquarters.


And They're Up!

We have holiday 12-packs for $20 and brand new 6-packs for $12. Right here on Etsy.


Cutting Cards

The autumn rain has finally started here at Pika Prints's Phinneywood headquarters. With a cozy fire in the fireplace, we're spending the afternoon cutting and folding cards.

Check back tomorrow and the full winter batch will be up on Etsy!


On Schedule

Despite busy fall school schedules, we are on track to have the holiday cards and other new designs ready for sale by the end of October. The cards have been printed and are ready to be cut, folded, photographed, and packaged this weekend.


Back in Business

We just sent a round of new designs, including a brand new holiday design, off to our graphic designer in NYC. (Really. Thanks, Anne!) This fall we're planning ahead, so for all of you who actually buy your Christmas cards more than a week in advance, we will have cards up (three designs! new colors!) for sale on our Etsy site by the end of October.

Stay tuned, and if you're a real super-planner and are making holiday card decisions now, keep Pika Prints in mind. Email us at pink.tapirs at gmail if you would like a preview of our designs and/or to pre-order your cards. Otherwise, hope to see you online in a few weeks.

Thanks for checking in!